During my years in Acupuncture school, I learned a lot about pathology, but not much about true health. I often asked myself this question, “What is true health?” When contemplating this question, other questions came into my mind.

Do symptoms result from an imbalanced biological system? When they disappear is the system balanced? Is it wise to base healthcare merely on symptom management? Is true health more than being symptom-free?

After many years of Acupuncture practice, meditation and contemplation, I recognized true health does not come from a quick fix or masking of symptoms. True health begins with sensitivity, grows with knowledge and self-reflection, and is practiced as a way of life. When the mind is centered, its view becomes wider and more flexible. It can see the whole body at once, or any part of the body, mind and spirit. It becomes flexible without being rigid or dogmatic. This can be viewed as wholeness of body, mind and spirit.

True health requires flexibility within the nervous system so it can adapt and restore itself from stress. When your biological terrain is full of rich nutrients, it supports your ability to decrease inflammation, think clearly, and enhance your mood. With proper self-care, your liver can easily transform and eliminate toxic substances. Self-care includes balancing your blood sugar with eating regular meals containing the proper ratio of protein, fats and carbohydrates. Blood sugar balance is important for your emotional stabilization, reduction of depression/anxiety, hormonal balance and good quality sleep patterns. True health involves self-care and the development of tools for greater self-awareness and tracking improvement. As you see improvement, destructive habit patterns, you may not have seen before, emerge. With support and encouragement, improvement leads to long-lasting habitual changes. As you commit to taking the targeted nutrients and receiving acupuncture treatment, you can see and feel the difference.