What is True Health?

Posted on: May 2, 2018

Do symptoms result from an imbalanced biological system? When they disappear is the system balanced? Is it wise to base healthcare merely on symptom management? Is true health more than being symptom-free?True health does not come from a quick fix or masking of symptoms. Lasting health begins with sensitivity, grows with knowledge and contemplation, and is practiced as a way of life. It truly is wholeness of body, mind and spirit.When this wholeness functions in its best capacity, we can live longer, feeling good.True health requires flexibility within the biological system so it can adapt and restore itself from stress. When your biological environment is full of rich nutrients, you will have this natural flexibility.With proper care, your system creates the energy to easily eliminate toxic substances. This care includes balancing your blood sugar with a proper ratio of protein, fats and carbohydrates. Blood sugar balance is important for your emotional stabilization and good quality sleep patterns as well as hormonal wellness.True health care provides tools for self-awareness and tracking improvement. As you see improvement, this can encourage long lasting changes in destructive habit patterns you may not have seen before.I have the means to show you exactly how your body is functioning at the moment, and what it needs to balance itself, before a symptom shows up. As you commit to taking the targeted nutrients and retesting as needed, you can see and feel the difference.Take a look at the true status of your health now.