Traditional Chinese Medicine

Posted on: June 20, 2023

San Rafael, CA

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a complete medical and philosophical system based in Taoist principles of harmony and balance, Yin and Yang. It facilitates healing and rejuvenation by restoring balance and harmony to the body, mind and emotions.

TCM views the body as network of interrelated, dynamically cooperative systems. In diagnosing and treating ailments, it addresses a wide range of contributing or causative factors such as diet, lifestyle habits and circumstances, environment, genetics, and more.

TCM’s treatment methods include herbal, dietary and nutritional therapy, massage, exercise, meditation, breathing exercises, Qi Gong and manual stimulation of meridians and their acupuncture points.

But acupuncture is TCM’s most versatile and popular treatment method. Acupuncture works through gentle stimulation of various points along the meridian system that conducts energy throughout the body via the nervous system. This stimulation is typically done using hair-fine needles, but for patients who are uncomfortable with needles this stimulation can be done manually, or with small magnets.

Numerous scientific studies have shown that stimulating specific acupuncture points with needles, with magnets, or manually, activates the body's healing mechanisms, calms the nervous system, relieves pain, improves mood, and invigorates the immune system.

TCM’s diagnostic methods include “reading” the tongue and pulse; shallow and deep palpation of various organs and meridian points; examining the eyes, skin color and tone; observing a patient’s physical posture and movements; assessing body and breath odors and the quality and tone of the voice; and in-depth questionnaires and interviews focusing on a patient’s lifestyle habits and medical history in order to ascertain any causative and contributing factors related to their ailment.

Using TCM’s protocols, Master TCM practitioners can detect and treat numerous physical and emotional disharmonies, imbalances, excesses, deficiencies and medical conditions. TCM is the only form of indigenous medicine practiced alongside modern Western medicine in hospitals in America and around the world.

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