Functional Medicine & Clinical Nutrition

NutritionFunctional Medicine addresses the whole body as inter-relational systems that function together rather than individual systems that function independently without affecting each other. It sees health as a positive vitality rather than the absence of disease, and promotes organ reserve of this vitality as the means to attain optimal health. Dr. Gordon’s approach is patient centered, and draws on the latest research in clinical nutrition to treat illness. She also uses advanced methods of laboratory assessment to discover underlying environmental, genetic and lifestyle factors associated with the full range of acute and chronic illness.

Clinical nutritional therapy uses diet and nutritional supplements to detox, repair and enhance the body’s fundamental physiological processes.  Dr. Gordon’s nutritional supplements include highly specialized formulations of vitamins, herbs, antioxidants and minerals that facilitate the transportation of nutrients and general circulation, enhance the transformation of food into energy, encourage cellular replication, repair, and maintenance, optimize elimination of waste, and strengthen the body’s protection and defense mechanisms.