“Dr. Sara Gordon’s knowledge and compassionate care have helped me through several healing crises. She not only takes care of immediate symptoms, but works toward an integration and well-being of the whole person.”  — Daniel Stellenwerf, Owner, Stellenwerf Building


“With Dr. Sara’s intuition, insight and expertise in acupuncture, nutrition and Oriental medicine she helped me and members of my family overcome chronic health conditions that traditional, Western medicine could not address. We are eternally grateful to her for substantially improving the quality of our lives.”  — Michelle Eckhoff CPA, CGMA at Eckhoff and Company              


“Sara Gordon is a dedicated professional with gifts that have been deeply honed and carefully cultivated. Trust Sara with your deepest treasure, your heart and she will teach you how to open and heal it. I highly recommend hosting Sara in your community for a transformative workshop or visiting privately to find your greatest health!”  — Pam Vitaz Principal at Xaneevi Holdings


“I have been a patient of Dr. Sara’s for six years or more. I have always had complete confidence in her ability to provide me with the absolute highest quality of care. She provides an office setting that is always so soothing and relaxing. I continue to be impressed how she takes a complex health issue and is able to explain it in terms that are easy to understand. I truly believe in her skills as a health care practitioner and can trustfully recommend her to anyone looking to take control of their health.”    — Eliot Kaplan Owner, Mill Valley Optometry


“Sara is a very knowledgeable and skilled practitioner who brings a conscious, loving presence to her work as well.”  — Lynn Marie Lumiere Marriage Family Therapist


“I received Great results from Dr Sara’s care.”  –Phillip Cotton, Real Estate Entrepreneur


“You’ve been such an inspiration to me. Thank you for being such a bright guiding light.” — Ginger, Accountant


“My utmost thanks to you for your generosity of spirit, compassion, and highly skilled professional services. I thought I was on the road to being and feeling “nuts”, but with your amazing treatments and caring advice, I am on the path to total health. Thank you from the bottom and top and sides of my heart!”  –Don F.


“I had digestive and memory problems when I came to Dr. Sara. We found that I had candida, parasites and heavy metals in my body. In less than 16 months later, I lost 40 pounds. My energy level is better than ever and my mind is clear and sharp.  I am so grateful to Sara for giving me the strength to discipline myself with  diet and a supplement program.” — Dee Ann B., Bookkeeper


“I experienced a great feeling of rest throughout the body as the treatments progressed, my body has gradually felt stronger and much less prone to sickness.”  –Adyashanti


“I came to Dr. Sara with back pain. After a couple of visits, the back pain decreased and I felt an overall stillness, “a body quietness” that would happen after each treatment.”   –Paul B., Psychotherapist


“I have MS which leaves me with fatigue, spasticity in my legs, poor sleep and shoulder pain. After several months of learning better nutrition and receiving acupuncture treatments, I have increased energy, less tightness in my legs, good sleep and minimal shoulder pain.”   — Susan J., Secretary


Mark Gershon, Bodyworker – “You’ve been instrumental in this current state of health and balance. You did so much! (No more parasites!) I am so pleased and grateful.”  

Barbara H. – “After the first couple of treatments my symptoms of vertigo disappeared. By the end of the second month, I had my balance back. Within a day of using the specific remedies suggested, my abdominal pain and numbness subsided. I’ve been Dr. Sara’s patient for six months and feel the best I’ve felt in a year!”  

Elaine C. – “Thank you Dr. Sara for giving me the precise remedy I needed for my depression. I’m laughing through situations I would have been frowning through a week ago. No need for anti-depressants.”

Leon R., Retired Business Owner – “Over the last 40 years I’ve seen numerous physicians. Now at age 75, with Dr. Gordon’s help, I have finally found relief from intense and chronic gas pain and heartburn. I am eating foods that I have not been able to tolerate for 40 years.”  

Carol Shira, Psychotherapist – “Every time I see Dr. Sara I learn something more about the interconnection between the mind and body. She is not only a great and caring practitioner but also a great teacher.”      

“My hot flashes have vanished, my fatigue and mood swings are under control and I feel a greater sense of peace.”  — Candace

Michael Sebastian, Dental Assistant – “Thank you for being one of my angels!”  


“Thanks to your treatments I no longer have chronic migraines, and I’ve been free of them for a year. I am truly grateful!”  — Larissa Waters, Graphic Designer


“My right hand was in chronic pain. I could no longer hold a pen and write. I wore a custom made removable cast on the hand and arm. This condition had been chronic for 10 years. My hand pain was free within 2 months! I can now hold a pen and write to my heart’s content.”   — Denise M., Real Estate Agent


“I have cleaned houses for 20 years. Toxins from the cleaning agents had built up in my body. My symptoms were vaginal bleeding, high blood pressure, pain and increasing immobility of my arms, and decreasing energy. Since starting my care with Sara Kendall Gordon, L. Ac., I have had no more vaginal bleeding, my blood pressure has returned to normal, the pain and immobility of my arms has gone away, and my energy is strong, steady and a reliable flow. I appreciate and recommend her care.”    — Minette Ware, Housecleaner


“After one year of treatment: physically, I am healthier and stronger; emotionally, I am more balanced; spiritually, I trust what has been given to me on a positive journey toward wholeness. What sets her apart from other acupuncturists is her approach to healing. Her techniques of accessing the body’s terrain are quite distinctive and beneficial. I am happy to recommend her to anyone who is looking to improve themselves or are interested in wholeness.”   — John Kling, Attorney


“When I started seeing Sara I was more than 50 lbs. overweight, had high blood pressure, low energy, chronic indigestion, lower back pain, and I couldn’t exercise at all, not even a brisk walk on flat ground, without feeling ill and wiped out afterward. Severe headaches were a frequent, almost daily experience. My general health was poor and rapidly getting poorer.My PCP had recently sent me to a “Living with Diabetes” class to jolt me into improving my lifestyle, as I had metabolic syndrome and was heading toward diabetes. Within a week of my first visit with Sara my headaches stopped, and I found that I was able to begin exercising again with no ill effects I started losing weight almost immediately. Within four months I had lost 40 lbs. Now, at just over five months under Sara’s care, my total weight loss is about 45 lbs. People comment that I look better than I have in years. I feel 20 years younger – no exaggeration. I generally have excellent energy throughout the day with few, if any, drop-offs. My digestive processes are significantly improved. My blood pressure is consistently in the normal range without medication. There are times when I feel so good it’s like my body is singing – a feeling that I hadn’t felt since I was in my twenties. At the age of 55, I feel like my life is renewed, and that I now have a chance to live a ling, healthy and productive life. Plus, because I feel so much better, I’m much easier to be around.”     — Paul F.