Free Lecture June 22: Digestive Wellness & the Microbiome

Join me for a free lecture. Bring your friends!

Digestive Wellness and the Microbiome
San Rafael Public Library
1100 E Street at 5th Avenue, San Rafael
June 22th

An ancient Chinese medical text says “100,000 diseases begin in the belly”. Hippocrates wrote “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.” Recent scientific studies confirm the key role of the gut and digestive tract in creating innumerable illnesses, and in maintaining optimal health. It all depends on what we put in to it.

I will take you on a guided tour of your digestive tract and explain:

  • Why a healthy digestive tract is the foundation of a healthy body and brain.
  • How your gut affects your brain, your hormonal and immune systems, and every other
    major organ and system in your body.
  • How poor dietary habits compromise your digestive tract and your body’s self-healing
  • How a compromised digestive tract creates a host of familiar illnesses and mysterious

I will also share simple, healthy dietary practices to reduce pain and inflammation and initiate healing for many illnesses.

Downloadable .pdf poster to share for this Optimal Health June 22 lecture